hihi my names sadie and im a 21 yr old autistic girl that likes to draw animals and colorful things like feral and cute girl, this is my carrd where youll find links to other places u can find me on the web
pokemon, cute girls doing cute things anime, feral art, sparkledogs, breakcore and lolicore music, plushies, cutesie lacey clothes, splatoon, mlp
🤮 dislikes 🤮
dishonesty, fandom drama, shipwars, stupid people, loud dogs, being told what to do


like i said i like to post feral, but also look out for noncon, incest, underage (im a funny kodocon), oviposition, gore (mild or extreme)
things i do not draw though are: scat, abdl and related things


espeon, blissey, audino, espathra, glaceon, eevee, meowth, deerling, kirlia, gothita, latias, lapras, mawile, dratini, dragonair, scoliopede, mew, mewtwo, lugia, ogrepon, clefairy, clefable, rapidash, and bayleef

the espeon rang stamp was made by my friend serena! click on it to go to her site